The Black Squirrel Project


Katogi Averoff is launching the Black Squirrel Project, which aims to support the care of homeless animals in Metsovo. The black squirrel that visits the Katogi Averoff Hotel courtyard, and after which one of our wines is named, becomes the symbol of Katogi Averoff’s concern for animals without a home, communicating the love and care which we offer them every day.
Caring for vulnerable animals is an ongoing task. Food scarcity and the harsh weather conditions pose serious challenges for the stray animal population in the Metsovo region. Moreover, animals fall prey to poaching and are illegally snared in improvised traps, resulting in grave injury. Particularly sensitive to this issue, the Katogi Averoff has for the last two years covered the costs of food, care and shelter for as many homeless animals as possible. Behind every happy animal in the region are community efforts by several organisations and individuals. The animal sterilisation programme by the Municipality of Metsovo, the substantial contribution by the Metsovo Stray Animal Management Volunteers and the support of the Katogi Averoff all contribute to the protection of stray animals.
Through these coordinated efforts, the joy and security offered to as many of the region’s vulnerable animals as possible cannot be overstated. Olivia and Gekas, Luna and Nio, all of them small, frightened animals, now enjoy a happy, carefree life. And they are not alone: News and events related to the protection of animals in the Metsovo region are posted on Katogi Averoff’s Instagram story of the same name.
What’s more, under the Black Squirrel Project, part of the proceeds from the sale of the wine of the same name goes to cover the costs of supporting the welfare of animals, in addition to the funding provided by the Katogi Averoff to cater for them. However, the effort is far from over; it is an ongoing process, seeking to raise awareness for homeless animals and to promote permanent solutions, such as sterilisation and adoption. Quality of life is everyone’s right.


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