Experience Katogi Averoff

Enjoy our wines at the source, paired with local delicacies, enveloped in the aromas of alcoholic fermentation; explore the maturation process in the cellars; kick back and relax at the Katogi Averoff Hotel – here, everything revolves around wine.


The winery is fully equipped with up-to-date equipment for wine production and bottling. The barrel room contains over 1200 oak barrels, in which our red wines mature; rare, collectible bottles are available at the wine cellar.

You are invited to visit the Katogi Averoff winery and enjoy a guided tour – a unique, multimedia-rich initiation into the world of wine, the history of Katogi and our winemaking process – as well as an exciting opportunity to admire the extensive range of art installations on site.

The winery is open daily 10am – 4pm.

The 30-minute tour includes: A visit to the evocative ambiance of the cellars in the historic Katogi Averoff winery. Video screenings illustrating the various stages of winemaking and the history of the Katogi Averoff estate

Last tour starts at 3pm.

For group visits and wine tasting please book in advance.
Booking & Information:

Τ: +30 2656031490
Ε: winery@katogiaveroff.gr
Wine Tasting
Please book at least a day in advance.

Hotel Katogi Averoff

A pioneering example of wine tourism in Greece, Katogi Averoff Hotel opened in 2008, combining the world of wine with art and warm hospitality in a natural environment of extraordinary beauty.

Divided into red and white, similarly to our wines, the 15 hotel rooms overlook the winery, or the scenic Metsovo landscape, are elegantly furnished with all modern amenities. Wine-filled glasses, works of art hanging in every room, scent of grape, lit fireplaces, smiling faces – all contribute to the hotel’s atmosphere. Discreet luxury and contemporary design welcome our guests, where local architecture elements fuse with Mediterranean elegance. The hotel restaurant offers exquisite culinary experiences based on local cuisine, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and enhancing your wine enjoyment by proposing expert pairings with Katogi wines. The restaurant operates from Thursday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm, by reservation only.


The E. Averoff Gallery is a museum of modern Greek art. It consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings and engraving by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century.

On permanent exhibition is a representative collection of 250 works by the greatest Greek artists of the last two centuries: Gyzis, Tsokos, Doukas, Bokatsiambis, Ralllis, Xydias, Pantazis, Volanakis, Prosalentis, Altamouras, Hatzis, Lembesis, Iakobides, Sabbides, Roilos, Parthenis, Maleas, Economou, Geralis, Germenis, Aravantinos, Flora-Karavia, Vyzantios, Kogevinas, Tsingos, Spyropoulos, Kontopoulos, Nikolaou, Hatzikyriakos-Ghikas.

Guided tours take place every Friday and Saturday at 1pm.



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