A journey through wine

An innovative educational programme by Katogi Averoff

The programme

True to the vision of its founder, Evangelos Averoff, Katogi Averoff continues to operate ‘with reason and dream,’ focusing on the younger generation. We are introducing an innovative training programme aimed at getting young visitors excited about the vineyard and wine, and introducing them to the world of winemaking through science experiments. The educational activities were designed by The Educational Approaches to Virtual Reality Technologies Laboratory of the University of Ioannina, directed by Professor Anastasios Mikropoulos, and his team.

The programme unfolds along two main lines: The first part comprises experiments directly or indirectly related to vinification, employing STEAM educational approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), focusing on original activities using an engineering methodology.

The second part of the programme is an interactive experience serving as an introduction to wine tasting principles and flavours.


This educational programme is tailored to children’s individual requirements and interests.

Students of each age group have the opportunity to:

– attend a tailor-made guided tour
– participate in the educational programme, featuring experiments suitable for their level that introduce them to tasting
– exchange ideas, fostering dialogue and encouraging critical thinking

The programme is implemented by educator Eleni Bissa, Katogi Averoff’s Head of Hospitality. For more information: winery@katogiaveroff.gr


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