Lands of Creations

Lands of Creation
Anniversary exhibition

The exhibition Lands of Creation will be inaugurated at the E. Averoff Art Gallery on 19 October 2019 by the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulas. It is an ambitious art project, featuring original works by 64 major Greek artists.

This year, the E. Averoff Art Gallery’s annual autumn events celebrate a double anniversary: the 30th anniversary of the Averoff Art Gallery in Metsovo and the 60th anniversary from replanting the long-neglected slopes of the area, as well as the production of the iconic Katogi wine by Evangelos Averoff.

Dedicated to the land, to creation, vision and continuity, the exhibition Lands of Creation highlights the diversity of creative paths and the energy of contemporary art in Greece, as well as contributes to awareness and understanding of a distinctive cultural entity – an extraordinary ‘land of creation’ – by harnessing the inner identifications that shape the individual 'lands of creation' of participating artists.

The exhibition is curated by art historian and National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum curator, Dr Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi, who has also edited the lavish illustrated bilingual exhibition catalogue.

The curator notes in her introduction:
‘In a way, this exhibition builds and expands on the earlier exhibition, which we organised in 2002, in which 51 artists from all media and genres produced one artwork each in homage to the Ioannina region, in an event that captured the diversity of contemporary Greek art at an unprecedented scale...
The sheer volume of artistic production in recent decades makes decisions especially challenging for curators, researchers, art historians... Based on quality, personal style, and a diverse representation, we came up with 64 important artists, who produced 60 works especially for this exhibition...
They use contemporary genres and media – from traditional to the most innovative ones, including multimedia and advanced digital applications. Specifically, on view there are 19 paintings, 12 on-wall works, 20 installations or sculptures, 11 videos, and 3 performances…
Both the image and the conceptual context have played a role in the artists' choice of subject. Certain artists were inspired by Evangelos Averoff specifically; others, by the region’s unique natural environment: the vineyards, bears, the immensity of the landscape, the rich heritage, customs and habits, the role of women in local community, heirloom rags, ornaments, embroidery, wine, history. Their juxtaposition of the traditional and the modern is fascinating. Their recurring themes, unmistakable style, and personal choices that determine the individuality of their work, are all reflected in this exhibition...
Finally, conceptual art, minimalism, philosophical concerns, originality, familiarity with both the history of art and contemporary movements around the world, awareness of the region’s rich heritage and, finally, profound mastery of their media, all make each of these 60 works of art uniquely compelling. Without any exaggeration, the exhibition Lands of Creation, just like the 2002 exhibition, will make history in documenting the contemporary Greek art scene, which, although as valid as any around the world, lacks the effective public institutional policies required to promote it and make it better known outside Greece’s borders.

Yannis Adamakos, Vicky Betsou, Xenophon Bitsikas, Stavros Bonatsos, Christos Bouronikos, Capten (Christos Kotsoulas), Pantelis Chandris, Panos Charalambous, Christos Charisis, Thalia Chioti, Kostas Christopoulos, Vivetta Christouli, Costis, Georgia Damopoulou, Makis Faros, Vasso Gavaisse, Vassilis Gerodimos, Periklis Goulakis, Kornelios Grammenos, Giorgos Gyparakis, Ersi Hadjiargyrou, Yioula Hadjigeorghiou, Effie Halivopoulou, Manolis Haros, George Harvalias, Indoors (Mary Christea, Marigo Kassi, Vally Nomidou, Spyridoula Politi), Angie Karatza, Peggy Kliafa, Rika Krithara, Aphrodite Liti, Nikos Makarounas, Michalis Manoussakis, Irene Matsouki, Tassos Missouras, Efrosyni Mytilineou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Kriton Papadopoulos, Ilias Papailiakis, Katerina Papazissi, Eftihis Patsourakis, Theo Prodromidis, Alexandros Psychoulis, Theodoros Raftopoulos, Giorgos Rorris, Xenis Sachinis, Andreas Savva, Angelos Skourtis, Marios Spiliopoulos, Effie Spyrou, Danae Stratou, Nikos Tranos, Giorgos Tsakiris, Costas Tsolis, Kostis Velonis, Babis Venetopoulos, Zafos Xagoraris, Manolis Zacharioudakis, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Katerina Zafeiropoulou, Marilena Zamboura, Dimitris Zouroudis

The exhibition is under the aegis of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

With support from the Epirus Region and the Metsovo Municipality.

Exhibition Sponsors: Metsovo Municipality ● Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation ● Katogi Averoff S.A.
Catalogue Sponsor: Alpha Bank

EXHIBITION DURATION: 19/10/2019 – 12/1/2020
OPENING HOURS: 10.00–16.00 daily except Tuesday


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