A special party to celebrate “60 years” of Katogi Averoff

Katogi Averoff celebrated its sixty birthday with a special event. Since 1959 Katogi Averoff has evolved with vision the difficult, the special, the impossible, drawing the indescribable joy that accompanies its implementation.

"It is a vision that passes from generation to generation," says Alexandros Ioannou, grandson of Evangelos Averoff, who has been the CEO of the company since 2015 and now lives in Metsovo, where the heart of the company hits. And he adds, "My stay in Metsovo helped me to understand the love my grandfather had for it." With the same love, Alexandros Ioannou faces the challenges of the time and sets new goals, such as the research on the vineyard and the experiments with new varieties, the upgrading quality of the facilities, wines and services, the enrichment of wine tourism with new experiences.


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