Mare Ursa

Limited Edition 2012 - Cabernet Sauvignon

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Bright red colour, with hints of dark cherry-red. Aromas of ripe red fruit, including cherry, red raspberry and plum, with hints of spice, vanilla and roasted coffee. Full, structured mouth, with a rich body; balanced and elegant, with a mildly tannic finish and a long aftertaste. Mare Ursa will reward further ageing, maturing beautifully if stored horizontally at a constant temperature in a dark place.


Traditional red-wine vinification method. After inoculation, a long maceration takes place, which may exceed four weeks, at a high temperature, between 30–33º C. After alcoholic fermentation, the young wine is transferred with its lees to new French-oak barrels, for malolactic fermentation. The wine was then given 12–18 months of oxidative ageing and was bottle-aged for a minimum of 6 months.

Living on the slopes of Pindos, the brown bear often roams through Yiniets vineyards at Metsovo. She tries the grapes every year, picking them gently, being a true lady of the vineyard. Bears know to wait until grapes have ripened in anticipation of harvest time – autumn’s special occasion. The footprints they leave behind are telltale signs of their visits. The evening before the harvest, the bear makes her last, majestic visit, keen to enjoy the ripest and finest grapes of the mountains.

Grape Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon

Food Pairing

Grilled meat, meat with red sauce, cheese. Ideal with fillet of beef.




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