Creative Encounters at Averoff Art Gallery

Three artists, three new sculpture installations in the mountains of Metsovo, three concurrent solo exhibitions at the Averoff Art Gallery, another Creative Encounter, in spite of the times, thanks to the enthusiastic response of Michalis Katzourakis, Peggy Kliafa and Vassilis Gerodimos.

Averoff Art Gallery’s Creative Encounters is not a new project. It was first organised in September 1995, with the invitation to Metsovo of four renowned artists for a weekly residence. This year's event is the natural evolution of this project: Exhibitions are not confined to the gallery’s four walls, but expand into open-air workshops engaging the public, mounting exhibitions and installing visual-art interventions in the wider area, in the town and in the mountains.

Three new monumenta-scale works will be installed on the slopes of Yiniets this year. Viewers will be able to admire them against the magnificent natural landscape, surrounded by the vineyards, either from up close or from many vantage points in the village and the surrounding area.

During the same period, an exhibition of representative works by the three artists is hosted in the Art Gallery, accompanied by guided tours and educational programmes aiming to encourage interaction and involvement with the public of Metsovo.

Curator: Dr Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi,
Opening : Saturday 21 /10/2017
Duration: 21 /10/2017 – 15/1/2018
Sponsors: Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation and Katogi Averoff S.A.


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